Are there differences between Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup?

Essentially these titles Semi and Permanent Makeup are talking about the same process and the same result. The difference between them is the person having the treatment.


Permanent Makeup



Some people will retain pigment in their skin really well, and the result of the treatment may be very long lasting, between 10 and 15 years. Even after that, there may still be remnants left in the skin, or even a slight scarring. This means in reality the result is permanent although it will change and fade over time.


For others, their makeup will fade over 6 months or a year, and therefore it is semi-permanent in its nature.


There are many factors that will determine whether the makeup fades or not:


    • Aftercare procedure
    • Age
    • Sun exposure
    • Medication
    • Certain nutrients
    • Skin type and thickness
    • General health and immunity


Each person will respond differently but it is the general advice to have a colour boost each year in order to keep the colour and the shape fresh.


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