With lips being one of the main features of your face, and lipstick never staying on, how would you like a long term result for enlarging, defining and adding colour to your lips?

Lip Tattooing is a gentle process of implanting colour in a shape that’s natural and enhancing without going onto your skin. Be very careful if a practitioner draws the shape and it’s too far outside your natural line. It doesn’t look good when tattooed. You can only go up to the vermillion border, which is the line of the lip that marks the difference between the lip and the skin next to it. This can be wavy and undefined in some people, and by adding definition it can visually increase the plumpness of the lips. In the case of scarring on the lip, only over a small amount of skin. But the practitioner needs to be well versed with scarring and how it responds to Tattooing. You also need to be very aware of the healing time for lips (and scarring if you have any).

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Lips take a lot longer for the colour to show when healed than eyes or brows, and the healing time before a Retouch needs to be considered for each individual. It is better to be patient and get the best results, than rush the process and end up with patchy lips.

Another consideration for lip treatments (including fillers) is whether you have ever had a cold sore before. The virus stays within your system, even if you’ve only ever had one cold sore in your life. Taking anti viral tablets obtained from a pharmacist is a necessity to prevent a cold sore infection that will push out the pigment. 5 days before and 5 days afterwards is the recommended dose, the number of tablets will be dependent on the particular prescription. If you have had a cold sore recently, make sure it is at least 6 weeks healed, as I have seen cases where although the cold sore has gone, the virus is still active and has spread all over the mouth causing numerous cold sores.

Use a natural lip colour or your every day lipstick saving you time, money and effort. Go swimming, play sports, kiss, sleep, wash and wake up with your lips looking as lush as the day before.


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