Are your brows still asymmetrical? Have you noticed over the years that one droops and one is raised? Does it notice when you’re wearing glasses?

If the answer is yes, this can be down to different factors, and YES there is a solution for all those factors.

The drooping of the eye is often down to muscle and skin laxity that happens over time. We usually have one side where the muscles work better and remain stronger over a lifetime, whereas the other side takes a bit of a nap, and relaxes, causing a droop.

If it is the droop that bothers you, if it hinders your sight because it hangs over your lashes, if it makes your eyes look a lot smaller than they naturally are, or if you just don’t like the look of it, then a Blepharoplasty can be your answer. Our surgeon Mr Ian Morgan offers free of charge, no pressure consultations at the Reigate Clinic. Get all the information about this quick procedure by calling the Reigate clinic on 01737 930400.


brows still asymmetrical


You may also notice a the asymmetry of your brows because of the muscle activity is different on either side of the forehead. Often when speaking or engaging in activity we will have one side of the face that is more reactive. This can often result in a raised eyebrow that when being viewed against the straight line on the top of glasses will become more noticeable. If there is a considerably marked asymmetry than our doctors can advise on the best way to treat this. Dr Devine and Dr Rahman are in the clinic every week. In cases of Bells Palsy and strokes Botox can be used to realign features and regain some of the symmetry however, each case is taken individually and will depend on your medical history and how you present at consultation.


Permanent Makeup may be the answer

brows still asymmetrical

Now, if all of those options are not for you, or the asymmetry is small enough to be rectified with Medical Tattooing, using Permanent Makeup could also be a solution for you. Keeping within the natural brow bone range and adding a millimetre here and there, the brow shape can be made more symmetrical, more rounded, more arched and thinner or thicker to suit your face shape and style.

                                                             brows still asymmetrical

This kind of precision work can be used to lift the brows and open the eyes, arch the brows or soften the arches, add length to the brows to elongate the eyes, shorten the brows to add to the lift, increase or decrease the bulb making your face look sharper or softer depending on what is needed.

The tiniest mark can make all the difference to how you see your eyes and the structure of your face. if this has been bothering you for a while, or if you’ve seen yourself in a photo and wanted to make changes, come in for a consultation and let me show you how much difference a hairs width can make.


If you would like to book a permanent makeup consultation please email with your name and phone number, or call on 01737 930400 for further information


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