Every month for the last 4 years I have been running the Look Good Feel Better workshops based at The Macmillian Centre at East Surrey Hospital in Surrey. We have had a range of volunteers, all of whom bring their own warmth, expertise, joy and personality to the day.



Yesterday felt a bit different. We had head office coming down to participate, and observe! I have met Dulcie on numerous occasions and have always found her to be helpful, non-judgemental and kind. However, what I didn’t realise was she is also quite a comedian.


Now I have lots of empathy, kindness, compassion, skill, expertise, knowledge etc but I seem to lack the skill of being funny! So my workshops are great, people enjoy them, learn a lot from them, gain confidence from the camaraderie and conversations with each other, but yesterday it felt a bit different.



Now we always hope our ladies leave feeling refreshed, revived, with tips and advice and having formed new connections, but I’ve never really thought about how I should feel when I leave.


Well Dulcie! What you don’t know, is that I had had a couple of bouts of bad news that morning, and the day before. (All manageable but hey, it knocked me off my feet a bit), and I had entered into the workshop in my work mode – always professional, always leaving my emotions at the door. And then Wham! What a workshop! All the ladies jelled instantly with each other, chatting and laughing from the start. It carried as normal until Dulcie took the stage and did a few sections of the 2 hour workshop. At each stage of the information and demonstrations she bought another level to it with her wit and humour. I left the workshop feeling completely different. I didn’t realise how much one needs humour in ones life! Dulcie was so very funny, the ladies and the volunteers were all laughing at her jokes, and I felt thoroughly refreshed. Laughter is the best medicine they say. Well I need to get me some comedy in my life.


Luckily, Dulcie is coming back next month to help out as well. And you know what? I’m bringing my voice recorder to record all the jokes that are relevant to the 12 steps we take the ladies through – cleanse, tone, moisturise, makeup etc, and they are going to become my jokes. Sorry, but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. We never see the same lady twice, so I can bring out the jokes at each session. I have just got myself a new (somewhat stolen) sense of humour. Hope you don’t mind Dulcie!!!! So Thank you for coming, even though I tried to put you off. Thank you for being funny and bringing your warmth and joy to our workshop, and thank you for reinvigorating myself to step up a gear and make the workshops even more enjoyable to the ladies that attend, and to the volunteers who so kindly give their time and skill each month. Especially you Susie, my wing man.


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