Are stretch marks holding you back from activities or wearing certain clothes?

Were you covering up more than you would like to?


Stretch marks are common in both men and women. They appear when there is rapid stretching of the skin due to growth, weight gain or loss, puberty or commonly in pregnancy. Stretchmarks don’t cause any physical harm but can cause anxiety or a lack of confidence for those who suffer from them.

Women may avoid wearing a bikini, or sleeveless blouse, men may feel conscious being shirtless as stretchmarks are common around the arms, stomach and hips.  A visible difference can cause concern and have an impact on a person’s daily life.


Medical Tattooing can now help by visibly reducing the appearance of the stretchmarks by adding the person’s skin colour into the dermal layer of the skin. This is a simple procedure and can be undertaken during the Autumn/Winter so you will be more confident ready for next summer and be able to choose what you wear without being self-conscious.


Medical Tattooing for Stretch Marks Treatment

Treatment should take approximately 10 weeks to achieve the best outcome. This will consist of 2 treatments, approximately 1-2 hours long, with an 8 a 10 week gap between appointments 1 and 2. The result will be a reduction in the white/ silvery colour meaning that in some lights they will look gone, in other lights they will be reduced in visibility. It will not get rid of your stretchmarks, nothing can do that, it just enables you to camouflage them without having to apply a product daily.

stretchmarks holding you back

The treatment starts with a full consultation to determine whether your skin is suitable for treatment. A colour analysis and patch test are performed to check for hyperpigmentation as well as colour match and pigment retention. Once the healing process has happened and the pigment is settled, the patient will come in for a review in order to calculate the number of treatments necessary and the cost. You will also be told about Medical Tattooing, pigment, how the treatment works, the healing process and aftercare in order to make an informed decision.

The aftercare will be very important for the end result and you will need to keep the area dry for 48 hours, and NO swimming, sauna, sun-bed for 10 days. The UV rays from the sun will lighten pigment so using a Factor 50 at all times over the area when it’s exposed will help the medical tattooing last longer. Due to the nature of pigment, it does fade over time, so annual colour boosts will be needed to keep the area looking its best.


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