Dog attack injury


Read about a patient who presented with a dog attack injury and how medical tattooing helped her find confidence again.


How many dog attacks happen in the UK each year?

NHS figures released last year revealed the number of dog-bite victims having surgery hit a 15-year high. Total admissions for dog bites, including injuries not requiring surgery, also rose. It meant hospitals in England dealt with 8,819 cases in 2021-22, up 18 percent from the year before.

There are an estimated 6743 hospital admissions for dog bites and strikes per year in England
Provisional monthly topic of interest: admissions caused by dogs and other mammals: Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2014*HSCIS.


I was approached by a wonderful young patient who had experienced a dog bite at a young age. She had received surgical treatment at the time and was left with asymmetry in her upper lip and a lack of a cupids bow.

This impacted her in numerous ways affecting her confidence and how she engaged with her world.

She booked to see me for a consultation and after making sure there were no contraindications for medical tattooing, we discussed what outcome she wanted and whether that was achievable.
Medical tattooing is always looking to achieve the natural, by adding symmetry, definition (or lack of definition) and colour to make a visible difference look less visible. So, in essence, we are adding in order to subtract. Adding pigment to create an illusion is why medical tattooing needs to be done with precision, care, and safety in mind. Working slowly and precisely to recreate the natural lip line, the natural cupids bow, and the natural lip or skin tone.



Generally, medical tattooing is between two to four treatments to get the required outcome, sometimes more if the area is larger or the visible difference is much more noticeable in appearance. However, this particular case was performed over two treatments to achieve the perfect results. The aftercare was followed, the lips healed beautifully, and both practitioner and patient were really pleased with the outcome.


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