Top 10 Male Concerns for Medical Tattooing

Many of the male patients don’t realise that many men come in with visible concerns however large or small, visible or barely visible they are. Men are less likely to discuss their appearance concerns amongst their male friends and colleagues and therefore dont know that other people feel exactly the same.

I will often get asked if it is a ‘normal’ concern if they are the ‘only ones’, and whether or not it is something I feel comfortable working on because to them it is probably ‘not normal’.

Male Concerns for Medical Tattooing

Well, I’m here to tell you it is normal.

This is a list (by no means an exclusive list), of the main reasons men come to see me for Medical Tattooing.

MY Top 10 male concerns for Medical Tattooing:


1. Small nipple/areola

Many men are born with very small areola. Medical Tattooing is a great solution for this concern. It is a safe, easy and effective treatment to enlarge the nipple/ areola.

2. Penis scarring

This can be caused from trauma that may have occurred as a result of abuse, accident or surgery. This can be a traumatic visible memory, that can be lessened with medical tattoo treatments.

3. Penis hypopigmentation

This can be due to any number of instances; placing objects around the penis, certain types of friction, general discoloration, or sexually transmitted diseases. Medical tattooing can introduce pigment to restore the colour where it is missing.

4. Facial scarring

Scarring can have a huge impact on people’s wellbeing and confidence. The scar may be 1mm or 10cm in length, and it may be barely visible or incredibly obvious, but the impact it can cause is often greater than the visibility determines. Medical tattooing and microneedling can reduce the appearance of scarring, not only impacting physical concerns but also aiding emotional well-being and confidence.

5. Eyebrows

Due to their placement on the brow bone, eyebrows will often have scarring within them causing a break in the hair pattern. Alopecia and other immune responses can also cause brows to fall out and not regrow. Sometimes brows hair can fall out with no known reason. Medical Tattooing can redraw the brow hair by hair onto the face reducing the embarrassment or the constant questions that one may face if they have only one or no brows.

facial hairloss

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6. Gynecomastia

Surgical removal of breast tissue causing symmetrical and/or discolouration on the nipple/areola. It has been estimated that as many as 60% of males suffer from increased breast tissue resulting from an imbalance in the levels of estrogen and testosterone hormones in the body, caused by a variety of factors, such as hormonal imbalances, certain medications, drug use, obesity, liver disease or genetic factors. Medical tattooing can be used to give the nipple/areola symmetry, definition and colour.

7. Pale Areola

Areola can naturally be very pale, and this does cause concern for some males. Pigment is implanted to add depth of colour, as well as definition and symmetry if required. Areola repigmentation is safe and effective.

8. Self-harm scarring

This type of scarring can have a detrimental affect years later. When a patient has children or works in a capacity where they are required to wear short sleeves, or just in general in the summer around friends and in public. This type of scarring is easily recognisable and can cause embarrassment, especially when the person no longer feels like it is a part of them, but something that is in the past, and the scars are a daily reminder.

9. Port Wine Stain camouflage

Medical tattooing can be used to add skin-coloured pigment into the PWS to conceal the colour, lessening its visibility. Some small and defined PWS can be visibly reduced so they are completely unnoticeable.

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10. Cleft lip

Medical tattooing is used to rebuild the symmetry of the lips from the side angle as well as front on. Generally, due to the surgery that happens as an infant, there is no cupid’s bow, so this can be recreated with lip coloured pigment.



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