Surgical reassignment – Medical Tattooing to fine-tune and add realism


Surgical reassignment has come a long way but it has its limits.

Working together with surgeons as a Medical Tattooist allows patients to make the right decisions for them with regard to the final look.

Surgery will create the form and function, whereas medical tattooing can fine-tune the realism that allows the patient to relax and feel ‘normal’.

With male-to-female surgery, the penis is created with skin from either an arm or from the groin area. This skin generally has fat underneath it so it is thicker than penis skin, which means you can’t see the veins, blood vessels, and differences in texture. This is all information that can be added via Medical Tattooing. Textural skin, mottled skin effects, veins, blood vessels, shading, and highlights can all be added when surgery is complete. This often negates the need for surgery to give the illusion of the head of the penis.


Where would I have to come for an appointment?

An initial consultation can be given online for anyone living abroad or unable to travel easily. Treatments will be performed at The London Scar Clinic, Harley Street, London or at Tillow Barn Health and Well-being, Betchworth, Surrey.

Do I need to shave before coming in or will it be done there?

Shaving is not a prerequisite. I can tattoo with hair or no hair whatever is preferable to you. If you decide to shave please do so the day before your appointment so the skin is not tender.

How long will I need to be bandaged up for?

You will have a dressing applied for up to two days. No shower, bath or sweaty exercise for that time. After 48 hours you can have a mild shower, wash and towel dry.

Do I have to apply anything after the appointment?

Yes, you will be given a balm at your appointment for you to apply twice a day for 5 days. (After the initial two days of wearing the dressing)

Will it look swollen and red?

Occasionally there will be some redness, tenderness, and potential slight swelling. Generally, this will settle between 24-48 hours after your treatment.

Can you give me cost?

The cost is dependent on the time needed in the clinic, particular requirements regarding detail, and other specifics due to individual health. This will be worked out during or after the consultation and you will be given time to think about the procedure, the information given, and the cost before making an appointment.

Read more about Consultation Information : Medical Tattooing Consultation Information and Expectations for Patients 


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