Camouflage cream application troubleshooting

Are you struggling with the application of your camouflage cream? Read on for advice from Rae Denman for camouflage cream application troubleshooting


Camouflage cream coverage is still the safest, easiest and most effective way to go if you don’t want anything invasive. Camouflage cream is specifically designed to help cover discolouration of burns, scars, birthmarks and pigmentation.

Camouflage cream application troubleshooting 

As long as camouflage cream is applied well, on clear, clean, cool skin (unmoisturised) it is fully transference-proof and waterproof. It can last two to three days on the torso and limbs, and up to 24 hours on the face. If your camouflage cream is not working for you, it will be down to the application.

Application Troubleshooting

Camouflage cream rubs off onto clothes or bed sheets?

  1. Too much camouflage cream has been applied
  2. Not enough time has been left between the application of layers
  3. Camouflage cream has been applied too soon after applying moisturiser or sun cream
  4. The area being camouflaged is not clean or free from sweat before application

Camouflage cream looks obvious in certain lights?

  1. Too much camouflage has been applied
  2. The camouflage cream has not been blended well – use the edge of an applicator sponge to fine-tune the blending
  3. Too much powder has been used. When applying the powder make sure all excess powder is removed from the brush/cotton pad before applying it over the camouflage cream.

Camouflage cream looks a different colour?

  1. Self-tan, tanning beds and exposure to UV rays will change the colour of your skin
  2. The product is out of date
  3. Your skin tone will change approximately every five to ten years; the degree to which it changes differs between individuals.


A vast range of colours and products is available, and colours can change when applied to different skin types, so a full in-person consultation is required.


Book a Camouflage Cream Lesson for Colour choice and Application. You will learn the application and removal techniques to apply the cream yourself.

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