Regaining your power: A patients story


Happy New You!

Starting the new year can bring about a mix of emotions. It can be exciting and daunting at the same time. The Christmas holidays may have been relaxing or totally stressful, or most likely somewhere in between.

Regaining your power

I am entering 2024 with a desire to feed my soul with my interests: poker, body painting, quantum mechanics, and taking care of my 70 plants!
I am hoping this enables me to regain some of my power: my children are teenagers and adults so don’t require as much focus, effort, and time; my work is busy, processes are set up and it runs smoothly thanks to my brilliant PA, Nicky; and my physical and mental health are relatively strong.

Now my business is running smoothly, it also allows time to extend my research, trial new equipment and formulate advanced techniques, in order to further the ways in which I can help people with my Medical Tattooing.

Receiving an email like the one below is a lovely way to start the year. Unless this is communicated to me, I would have no idea how this patient felt. No understanding of her anxiety with previous consultations, how difficult it is to start the process of looking for a practitioner and a solution, or the impact I had on her. I am busy in clinic and try my best every day to give what each person needs at that time. It can be tiring and occasionally thankless, so for someone to take the time to write down their thoughts and feelings is a great gift.

Regaining your power

It is a great gift for me to receive, and more than that, it helps other patients in their journey. A patient’s personal story is so important; to know you are not alone, to understand what the process may hold for you, and to prepare, inform, and support.

I want to say a huge Thank You to the patient below, sharing your story will help so many people, myself included.

I hope Medical Tattooing can continue to help people regain their power, and I look forward to seeing how 2024 pans out.


A patients story

For a long time, I have struggled with confidence issues due to very visible scars on my forearm that I have lived with since I was a teenager. I have always worn long-sleeved tops and I have struggled with major anxiety when confronted with the prospect of beach holidays, summer weddings, and other events that one should be able to enjoy freely.


Over the years, I have often thought about seeking out cosmetic treatment to have these scars minimised. However, the prospect of doing so has always felt daunting. It was never clear to me what options were available to me, how best to access this type of treatment, and – importantly – whether the process itself would be emotionally stressful (for example, if someone treating me were to respond badly to my scars or say something insensitive).


At the start of the year, at the age of 32, I decided to properly explore the options available. I had a few different consultations with different clinicians in London, many of whom gave me conflicting information and many of whom didn’t offer a holistic treatment service. The approach that many other consultants provided felt overly medicalised and I often felt quite uncomfortable in these discussions. I felt like I was going around in circles slightly trying to work out the best course of action, with each of these consultation services being quite expensive too.


I eventually found Rae Denman’s website and was drawn to her positive reviews and her clear focus on providing holistic and empathetic care. From my first meeting with Rae, I was made to feel incredibly comfortable. I was grateful for the way in which Rae clearly stepped through every detail of the treatment options available to me, the process, the timeframe and the cost. I never felt like my expectations were set unrealistically and I could clearly see Rae sought to (and, indeed, did) provide the absolute best standard of care possible. I didn’t feel rushed into making any decisions, and Rae was always available to talk through any questions or concerns that I had.


In terms of the treatment itself, I have had four sessions of micro-needling and two sessions of skin tattooing over the course of the last 12 months. I have been really amazed by the results and pleased that everything has been relatively painless too, with quite minimal aftercare. I actually tend to find the sessions quite relaxing! Rae has an amazing ability to put you at total ease. I have attended both of Rae’s clinics in Harley Street and in Surrey, both which are lovely and peaceful places to be. Nicky, Rae’s PA, is also really kind and warm to deal with, and helpful in booking appointments in a way that is helpful and flexible.


Regaining your power


Overall, I am so pleased to have met Rae and she has had a really positive impact on my life. The significant visible reduction in my scars is an obvious highlight for me, but also the process of meeting someone like Rae who has been so caring, empathetic and non-judgmental has had wider benefits for me too. I have a lot more confidence with my scars compared to this time last year, and I only wish I stumbled across Rae’s services sooner. I couldn’t recommend her services enough, she is a really wonderful person and highly skilled at what she does too.


Thank you so much, Rae.


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