Visibly reduce your scar with Medical Tattooing


Scarring can and will come in all shapes and sizes, on all areas of the body. It can cause a mixture of feelings and emotions for the person living with the scar regardless of the size, area of body, or visibility of it.

It’s beneficial to know if it causes you embarrassment, anxiety, or a lack of confidence that something can be done to reduce the visibility of the scar not only to other people, but also to yourself when looking in the mirror or glancing down at your body.

Trying to hide something that’s on your face or body can be exhausting and stressful. Medical Tattooing offers the opportunity to take away some of that stress by visibly reducing the impact of the scar.


Visibly reduce your scar

Scarring can be caused by trauma, surgery or self-infliction. Whatever the cause, the scar is the way your body heals itself in a crisis. It’s an essential part of the human makeup and a great life-saving solution. How people scar can differ dramatically and is something that cannot be predicted. Scars can be smooth, textured, white, red, purple, stretched, indented, hypertrophic (raised) and keloid – (continues to grow outside of the wound site into a bulbous rope-like structure).

There are many ways that we can manage scarring and the healing process, with techniques such as laser, micro-needling, massage and physiotherapy; products such as silicon patches and gels, oils and moisturisers. All of these can work depending on the type and presentation of the particular scar.

Once the scar is healed, if you are still concerned with the way the scar looks and wonder if more can be done, look into Medical tattooing. Medical Tattooing is an industry in its infancy, and many people are unaware of it but, thankfully, with the internet, information is available to a wider range of people.

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So, can Medical Tattooing help visibly reduce your scar? Yes, Yes, Yes.

As seen below this young man has a surgical scar all the way along his hairline causing a gap in the hairline and a visible white line across his forehead. By using different techniques to camouflage the white scar into the surrounding akin whilst also adding hair follicle simulation to further break up the white line, the visible aspects of the scar are diminished considerably.


visibly reduce your scar   



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