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Completing your journey of recovery

Nipple/Areola re-pigmentation can be essential to your confidence. Self-esteem and confidence must start from inside, and how you feel and view yourself is key to this. This specialist medical tattooing treatment is often the final touch on a long journey of surgery, treatment and reconstruction for both men and women.

I’ll work with you during and after the recovery stage, looking to rebuild your confidence. Treating you with the sensitivity, empathy and discretion that you deserve, I’ll support you through the process, from the consultation through to aftercare. You can have complete confidence that I’ll be with you all the way.

What can Medical Tattooing do?

  • 3D nipple plus areola post mastectomy / reconstruction – bilateral or unilateral
  • Areola too pale
  • Asymmetry in size and shape
  • Too small proportionally
  • Surgery scars surrounding areola

How does it work?

Pigments can be used to create an areola from scratch or to enlarge or darken an existing areola. Shading and highlighting can create the ‘illusion of protrusion’ for a 3D nipple. This will be done in a number of sessions building up the colour and detail over time.

In almost all instances of breast cancer where a mastectomy is needed, the nipple and areola will be removed and the reconstructed breast will just be skin colour. A 3D nipple can be added as an extra surgery but is still just skin colour. Nipple areola tattooing offers the final touch of colour and definition after a long journey of surgery, treatment and reconstruction.

Post treatment

After a treatment the area will look red, sometimes raised and darker than the desired result. It can take three to seven days to heal, slight sloughing may occur and then the colour will look approximately 50% lighter.

Medical Tattooing can last between one to five years before a Colour Boost may be needed.
The risks involved are minimal;

  • As with all injection sites there is a risk of infection. To minimise this risk the aftercare needs to be adhered to. A dressing can be applied for the initial 48 hours to help reduce this risk.
  • On a few occasions the skin does not retain the pigment well.


An initial consultation of half an hour is required to determine your expectations and suitability of treatment.

This is followed by a half hour appointment at the same time, or on a subsequent date for a colour analysis and colour and sensitivity patch test.

After a healing period, a review is required to put together a treatment plan based on the results of the patch test area (approximate number of sessions, length of each session, healing period timescale and cost).


24 hours prior; do not take the following substances: Stimulants: Tea, coffee, soft drinks with caffeine or other substances containing stimulants.


The number of sessions will be dependent upon the type of treatment needed, the level of discolouration and how well the aftercare is adhered to.

The treatment is NOT painful but can be tender. Anaesthetic can be used before and during the treatment to control the sensation.

Cost is applied per treatment sequence and will be discussed during the consultation.

Aftercare (For 7-14 days after the procedure)

NO WATER EXPOSURE for 48 hours and then minimal water for the following week.

AVOID EXPOSURE TO SUN, TANNING BEDS AND UV RAYS. Use effective sunscreen 30SPF or higher for protection.

DO NOT TOUCH THE AREA No scratching, rubbing, or picking the scabs.

AVOID USING COSMETICS ON THE AREA including facial creams, cleansers, aloe Vera, etc.

AVOID seafood, salty and spicy foods.

AVOID SWIMMING, hot baths, showers and Jacuzzis.

AVOID taking multivitamins with Vitamin A in, or using Retinol containing products on the area.


  • Scarring that is unhealed
  • Keloid scarring that has been treated with steroids
  • Roaccutane use in the preceding 6 months
  • Pregnancy or breast feeding

Price list

Online Consultation (Wednesdays between 8am-8pm) £50
In-Person Consultation - London, Harley Street or Surrey, Reigate Clinic £125
Medical Tattooing (45mins - 2.5hour sessions) £150 - £550 per session

A free of charge 15 minute online review appointment is included to determine the colour when healed and how the treatment sequence will progress.

Find out how I can make a difference...

Nipple/Areola Re-pigmentation Before & Afters

Click and drag the slider on the images below left or right to reveal the transformation.
Nipple Tattoo Surrey Before Nipple Tattoo Surrey After
Nipple Tattoo Surrey Before Nipple Tattoo Surrey After
Nipple Tattoo Surrey Before Nipple Tattoo Surrey After
Nipple Tattoo Surrey Before Nipple Tattoo Surrey After
Nipple Tattoo Surrey Before Nipple Tattoo Surrey After
Nipple Tattoo Surrey Before Nipple Tattoo Surrey After
Nipple Tattoo Surrey Before Nipple Tattoo Surrey After
Nipple Tattoo Surrey Before Nipple Tattoo Surrey After
Nipple Tattoo Surrey Before Nipple Tattoo Surrey After
Due to the nature of the areas that I work on, not all photographs can be shared publicly. Extra Before and After photographs can be shown during consultation.

"Dear Rae, Literally can't thank you enough for my amazing nipples - I'll take very good care of them, I promise! I got home, my husband walked through the door and I burst out crying at the relief of finally having closure. A really special moment! Looking forward to seeing you in September and once again, so much thanks!"

"The sympathetic thought and care Rae showed me throughout the whole process of my nipple tattoos after a double mastectomy was exceptional and the results were absolutely fantastic. I trusted her so implicitly, I went back for semi-permanent eyebrow treatment! If you have any doubts about the process and results, then be assured that Rae is the best!!"

As seen in...

Rae Denman

My medical tattooing and cosmetic permanent make up practice is all about you, the client. I combine my extensive training, medical background and body art skills with a warm, empathetic approach to make you feel completely at ease. If you’re here because you want to address a visible difference, you can be confident that this is the first step towards a reinvigorated confidence and zest for getting on with your life.

If you want to enhance your features through skilfully applied semi-permanent makeup, you can be confident too; that you’ll get stunning results in a safe and high-quality environment.

As a specialist Medical Tattooist based in the South East of England, I have developed a reputation for scar camouflage and facial feature restoration in the field of Permanent Cosmetics, Medical Tattooing and Skin Camouflage.

I am a member of The British Association of Skin Camouflage and trained with them for temporary coverage of burns and scars and The Finishing Touches Group for Permanent Cosmetics and Medical Tattooing. Since then I have undertaken further specialist training with Nouveau Contour for brows and lips, and The Linda Paradis Group for tattoo removal.

I am founder of BAMT (The British Association of Medical Tattooing) which was driven by my concerns that the industry was both unregulated and too easily allowed vulnerable clients to progress through escalating fixations on procedures. Our goal is to promote ethics in aesthetics.

As well as the private sector, I led NHS clinics at the Burns and Plastics unit, Morriston Hospital, Swansea, specialising in nipple/areola tattooing and temporary camouflage cover of burns and scars. I now run private clinics in Reigate, Surrey, The London Bridge Plastic Surgery in London, and The McIndoe Centre in East Grinstead.

I was awarded the 20 years of excellence Life Changing Procedure for my work with nipple areola tattooing.

I  featured on ITV ‘This Morning with Lorraine Kelly’ performing hair stroke brows for a feature on anti-ageing alongside Dr Khan and Dr Devine.

I collaborated with The Katie Piper Foundation and The Telegraph to create a time-lapse video of myself applying Camouflage and Makeup on a burns survivor demonstrating the positive effects this has on her physical and mental wellbeing.

I am a consultant and stockist for Veil Cover Cream UK who have launched the 'Rae Denman Range' of 10 beautiful new shades of cover cream which I developed from years of experience and changing skin tones.

I'm delighted to have contributed towards a Research Paper with The Centre for Appearance Research - My face in someone else’s hands’: a qualitative study of medical tattooing in women with hair loss Psychology, Health & Medicine publication Feb 9, 2021

My career has exposed me to a wealth of experience in understanding and communicating with clientele from varied backgrounds and social circles, each with different needs and expectations.

I’m passionate about using my skill and precision with detail to offer a high-end service and truly care about helping each individual find confidence within their appearance.

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Rae Denman


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