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Results that are right for you

As a specialist Medical Tattooist, I understand the distress that a visible difference can cause, and the impact it can have on your life in terms of confidence and well-being. Having worked with many patients with visible skin conditions, my approach will be to treat you with empathy and care, right from the initial consultation. My objective is to achieve the results that are right for you.

For some people with port wine stains, these become part of their identity over the years and a special feature that makes them unique. If this is the case for you, you may prefer to partially conceal rather than fully cover the area. Medical Tattooing cannot remove your port wine stain, but it can help by implanting skin coloured pigment to tone down the red/purple colouring.

Laser treatments cannot be performed after you have had Medical Tattooing as laser directly on the area can turn the pigment darker. If you are thinking of trying laser removal to soften the visual impact of your port wine stain please do this first. Find a reputable laser clinic (unfortunately I cannot advise or refer to any clinics) and as long as you are noticing results, follow their advice on the number of treatments needed.

Once you are fully healed (please leave at least 3 months post laser before having any medical tattoo work done) you can start treatment of Medical Tattooing in order to further reduce the visual impact. Laser can improve the redness but very often will not get rid of the port wine stain. However, the effects of laser are permanent whereas Medical Tattooing will need to be renewed every few years. Due to the fact that this is a long term treatment, my age restriction for this treatment over 25.

How does it work?

The PWS can be re-pigmented to build up a base colour so the PWS is not as obvious. You will need to be careful to stay out the sun for the duration of treatment.

The larger and darker the area concerned, typically more sessions are required.
After a treatment the area may be raised and darker than the desired result. It can take three to seven days to heal, slight sloughing may occur and then the colour will look approximately 50% lighter.

Medical Tattooing can last between one to five years before a Colour Boost may be needed.
The risks involved are minimal;

  • As with all injection sites there is a risk of infection. To minimise this risk the aftercare needs to be adhered to. A dressing can be applied for the initial 48 hours to help reduce this risk.
  • On a few occasions the skin does not retain the pigment well.


An initial consultation of half an hour is required to determine patient expectations and suitability of treatment.

This is followed by a half hour appointment at the same time, or on a subsequent date for a colour analysis and colour and sensitivity patch test.

After a healing period, a review is required to put together a treatment plan based on the results of the patch test area (approximate number of sessions, length of each session, healing period timescale and cost).


24 hours prior; do not take the following substances: Stimulants: Tea, coffee, soft drinks with caffeine or other substances containing stimulants.

If you are having a lip treatment and have EVER HAD a cold sore in the past, you WILL need to take anti-viral tablets five days before and after the treatment (available from the chemist or your GP).


The number of sessions will depend upon the size of the area to be treated, the level of discolouration and how well the aftercare is adhered to.

The treatment is NOT painful but can be tender. Anaesthetic can be used before and during the treatment to control the sensation.

Cost is applied per treatment sequence and will be discussed during the consultation.

Aftercare (For 7-14 days after the procedure)

NO WATER EXPOSURE for 48 hours and then minimal water for the following week.

AVOID EXPOSURE TO SUN, TANNING BEDS AND UV RAYS. Use effective sunscreen 30SPF or higher for protection.

DO NOT TOUCH THE AREA No scratching, rubbing, or picking the scabs. No facial treatments.

AVOID USING COSMETICS ON THE AREA including facial creams, cleansers, aloe Vera, etc.

AVOID WORKING IN THE GARDEN, dirt, pollutants from the environment may cause infections.

AVOID seafood, salty and spicy foods.

AVOID SWIMMING, hot baths, showers and Jacuzzis.

AVOID taking multivitamins with Vitamin A in, or using Retinol containing products on the area.


  • Blood thinning medication
  • Pregnancy or breast feeding

Price list

Online Consultation £95
In-Clinic Consultation Harley Street, London or Betchworth, Surrey £195
15 minute online review following your treatment to determine the healing process and final results FOC
In-clinic review following treatment £45
Medical tattooing prices are quoted during the consultation as treatments
are bespoke

Price list

Online Consultation £95
In-Clinic Consultation, Harley Street London or Betchworth, Surrey £195
15 minute online review following your treatment to determine the healing process and final results FOC
In-clinic review following treatment £45
Medical tattooing prices are quoted during the consultation as treatments are bespoke

Port Wine Stains Before & Afters

Click and drag the slider on the images below left or right to reveal the transformation.
Port Wine Stain Camouflage
Port Wine Stain Camouflage
Port Wine Stain Camouflage
Port Wine Stain Camouflage
Due to the nature of the areas that I work on, not all photographs can be shared publicly. Extra Before and After photographs can be shown during consultation.

What my patients say…

I have a Port Wine Stain that covers the left side of my face, I cover this with camouflage make up but I am still conscious of the stain, so decided to look on the internet with regards to having some medical tattooing. I came across Rae's website and had a look at some of the work she did. I rang Rae and made an appointment to have a consultation with her. She explained all about the tattooing the healing process and how many treatments I would need, she then did a few test areas, once these healed and we knew the treatment was fine she went on to do larger areas on my face. The area to be treated is covered with numbing cream so its relatively pain free, the area is tender afterwards but no pain and the healing process is quick. I am still having treatment and very happy with the work she has done for me, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having this sort of treatment.

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Rae Denman Medical Tattoo Training Logo

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Rae Denman Medical Tattoo & Expert Witness Ltd. We offer a space for everyone who is negatively impacted by their visible difference to come and get advice, treatment, and aftercare in a safe and non-judgemental environment, as well as specialist training to be able to offer YOUR patients the same.

Rae Denman

If you’re here to address a visible difference, you can be confident that this is the first step towards reinvigorated confidence and zest for getting on with your life. Whether your visible difference is large or small, able to be covered or not, and whatever age, sex, race, or distinction, you will be taken seriously and treated respectfully.

I combine my extensive training and body art skills with a warm, empathetic approach to help you feel at ease.

I specialise in the visible reduction of scarring and skin grafts.

After achieving a BA Hons in Graphic Design, I focused within the Medical Tattooing industry and attained a wealth of qualifications including a Diploma of Excellence in Cosmetic tattooing, Diploma in Professional MakeUp & Body painting, and Core Synchronism Lymphatic from The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. I also developed my expertise further with specific courses at The British Association of Skin Camouflage and several courses focused on scarring, areola, camouflage, skin grafts, vitiligo and facial feature restoration.

Previously I worked in the NHS Burns and Plastics Department at Morriston Hospital and now work privately at The London Scar Clinic, Harley Street and in Reigate, Surrey.

What is said about Rae…

As one of the country’s leading experts in this specialist area, Rae Denman has formulated new techniques for scarring as well as Port Wine Stain coverage. Rae is the only person in the UK to offer Medical tattooing for the coverage of Port Wine Stains, bringing international patients to the UK for this specialist service as well as scar camouflage.

Rae is also dedicated to her role as a medico-legal expert witness and report writer, focusing on condition and prognosis reports for patients with scarring.

Rae has worked as a Para-medical Camouflage Consultant for The Katie-Piper Foundation, working one-to-one with burn survivors, and was featured on television and in the press, and won awards for Life Changing Procedure for her ground-breaking work.

Rae Denman’s clinic work includes medical tattooing for: scar, hypopigmentation and skin graft re-pigmentation; nipple/areola and cleft lip restoration; gender reassignment realism; port wine stain camouflage and para-medical camouflage for temporary concealment of birthmarks, thread veins, vitiligo, rosacea as well as all features of Permanent Make-up.

Mrs Rae Denman has had research published in Psychology, Health and Medicine, Feb 9th 2021. “My face in someones else hands”: A qualitative study of medical tattooing in women with hair loss. (Nicola Stock, Nicholas D Sharratt.)


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Rae Denman-Tanner FdA, BA(Hons)


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