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When ‘Doing Nothing’ is an option

As a practitioner one should never just look at the symptom alone, but take into account the way it is presented by the patient. This brings into account the emotional impact and therefore the mental health of the patient.

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Finding the right brows for you

There are so many different shapes of brows, and particular styles to suit certain face shapes so how do you find the right brows for you? The best way to deal with this is to find a trusted practitioner and let them work with you, to create the correct and most beautiful shape for your face.

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Men with Visible Differences

Are you a male that is concerned with some aspect of your appearance? Are you a male and nervous or unsure of walking into a clinic?
Where medical tattooing is concerned I see as many males as I do women. Men with visible differences are just as self-conscious as women are.

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Introducing the Rae Denman Range at Veil Cover Cream

I am incredibly excited to announce that The Rae Denman Range at Veil Cover Cream has been launched. Over the past few months, I’ve  been working with Veil Cover Cream to launch 10 brand new Veil Cover Cream shades, 2 new Finishing Powder shades and a skincare product.

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Skin Grafts and Medical Tattooing

Skin Grafts and Medical tattooing work by implanting medically certified pigment into the area of the graft to match the skin tone. Numerous colours can be added to blend and give a realistic feel.

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