Nipple and Areola Tattoo

I met this patient after she had a left mastectomy and DIEP / nipple reconstruction. 4 years later she needed a right mastectomy and LD flap reconstruction. She had fully healed and was no longer receiving treatment. The next stage was considering finishing the visual treatment to feel as normal as possible. She found out about the work that I do (nipple and areola tattooing), and came for a consultation to discuss her needs and expectations. We proceeded with 2 treatments of 3D nipple and areola tattooing over a period of 6 weeks. The first treatment is to determine the shape, size, colour and placement of the nipple/areola, as well as creating a base for the 2nd treatment, where the detail is then added for a 3D effect. She was overwhelmed and delighted with the results, not just from a physical and visual sense, but also emotionally this was the final leg of her journey and it was now finished with a sense a relief and completion.

Post double mastectomy and reconstruction - Before Tattooing

Post double mastectomy and reconstruction

After 3D Nipple/ Areola Tattooing

After 3D Nipple/ Areola Tattooing

Testimonial by patient:

“Literally can’t thank you enough for my amazing nipples – I’ll take very good care of them, I promise! I got home, my husband walked through the door and I burst out crying at the relief of finally having closure. A really special moment!

The sympathetic thought and care Rae showed me throughout the whole process of my nipple tattoos after a double mastectomy was exceptional and the results were absolutely fantastic. I trusted her so implicitly, I went back for semi permanent eyebrow treatment! If you have any doubts about the process and results, then be assured that Rae is the best.”

1st procedure: I used a 7 round needle to get the shape and a little definition.

The pigments used were Finishing Touches A60 (60%) mixed with A20 (40%).

2nd procedure: I used a 5 round needle

Right breast: The pigments used were Finishing Touches A60 + A20, then…

Right and Left breast: C80 + A60, then…

Left breast: C10 + A10 for highlights, C80 for shadow


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