Rae was invited to speak on Sarah Gorrell’s lunchtime show on BBC Radio Surrey recently to talk about her creative background and how this led her to pursue a career as a professional Medical Tattooist. This was a great platform for Rae to tell her story and help the listeners understand the impact this treatment is having on both men and women psychologically and socially.

Medical Tattooing is growing in popularity but it’s still relatively new. Camouflage Cream has been around a lot longer so people with visible differences are more familiar with using this to cover up their scars, hypo-pigmentation, or burns.

During the show, the conversation covered everything from Rae’s involvement with The Spice Girls music video to the difference her work is making to people’s everyday lives. Through her work, she is giving people choice and freedom so they can be more confident in relationships, careers and improve their lifestyle choices.

Have a listen if you want to find out more:



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