What to expect from stretchmark tattooing before, during and after treatment from a patient’s perspective.


STORY as written by 23 year old female from a patient’s perspective following stretchmark tattooing

Before Medical Tattooing

Prior to treatment, I was very conscious of my stretchmarks which affected my confidence in many aspects of my life. I always ensured that any clothes I bought covered the stretchmarks, and when on holiday, I never felt comfortable wearing a bikini/swimsuit that didn’t hide them. I also love going to the gym and never wore nice sports bras/crop tops.

During Medical Tattooing

Rae made me feel so comfortable from my initial consultation and throughout my treatment journey. She was realistic about what my expectations should be following the treatment and was very reassuring as I was quite nervous prior to the initial appointment!
The treatment itself was not painful.

Stretchmark Tattooing

After Medical Tattooing

The days following treatment required a little bit of after-care, and Rae went over the various dos and don’ts during my appointment.
The marks were raised and red for about 3 or 4 weeks afterwards, and they were tender and sore for around a week following treatment, so I made sure I had a quiet week following this.
I also felt confident that I could contact Rae or Nicky at any time if I was unsure about anything or had any questions post-treatment, which was very reassuring to me.

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What it meant to me

Having this treatment has meant so much to me; I couldn’t believe the results following my 8-week top-up – they were amazing and massively exceeded my expectations! After the redness had settled down, I no longer noticed my stretchmarks – they completely blended in with the skin around.
I no longer feel nearly as conscious, and my confidence has improved dramatically. I wear clothes I like now and do not have to worry whether they show my stretch marks or not. Sometimes I still have the occasional day where I feel a little conscious, but nothing like pre-treatment!
Another benefit was the change in texture of my stretch marks following treatment. I wasn’t expecting them to feel so much smoother afterwards, so this was a great side effect.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely! I am hoping to book in my next top-up appointment around mid-2024 which would have been over 18 months since my last top-up 😊


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