How to help tummy tuck patients with Medical Tattooing


An abdominoplasty is commonly referred to as a “tummy tuck”.

Firstly, the operation gets rid of any loose or hanging skin. Secondly, it removes stubborn fat pockets. Lastly, it fixes damaged abdominal muscles, which is something many people experience after pregnancy or childbirth.

It can be used after losing weight due to:

  • men and women desiring aesthetic improvement of the abdomen
  • women with significant skin and abdominal wall laxity following multiple pregnancies
  • bariatric patients who have excessive skin following significant weight loss.

Although the goal of a tummy tuck is often to preserve the natural belly button, various factors such as the stretching of the skin or the surgical techniques used can result in subtle changes to how your belly button looks post-surgery.

With a belly button post abdominoplasty if it is lying flat and not ‘indented’, it can often be noticeable because of its difference.

What happens if I don’t like my belly button after an abdominoplasty?

Is there anything I can do about it?


Medical Tattooing can help.

Medical Tattooing can use pigments to recreate shadows and highlights, as well as camouflaging scarring and bringing an illusion of depth and/or protrusion.

Using a selection of shadow colours relevant to your skin tone and by special application of these pigments, you can get your belly button recreated. Shadows give the illusion of something being farther away so it can make an ‘outie’ look like an ‘innie’.

There may also be scarring surrounding your new belly button which can be used as the horizon line to where the belly button visually starts to recede. This scarring can be camouflaged to skin tone and darker tones helping the visual effect of receding.



Patient Testimonial following Medical Tattooing after a tummy tuck procedure

Approximately 2 ½ years ago, I underwent a tummy tuck procedure that included alterations to my belly button. While I was satisfied with the overall outcome of the tummy tuck, I found myself dissatisfied with the appearance of my new belly button. It appeared rather flat and featured a brown ring due to scarring, causing me to feel self-conscious. Despite having achieved a flatter tummy, I always chose to conceal my belly button with clothing.

During my one-year post-surgery review with my surgeon, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the appearance of my belly button. In response, he suggested that there were limited options for improvement but recommended exploring the possibility of medical tattooing. Following thorough research, I discovered Rae Denman, a specialist in medical tattooing.

During my initial consultation with Rae, she immediately put me at ease, providing a detailed explanation of the potential improvements to my bellybutton’s appearance. The procedure was painless, thanks to the application of numbing cream, and there was no downtime afterward. I underwent two sessions to enhance the aesthetic of my bellybutton, and I am currently delighted with the results.

Thanks to the tattooing, my belly button now has increased depth, and the scarring around it has been effectively addressed. I am grateful to Rae for her professionalism, authenticity, and artistic skills. This experience has significantly boosted my confidence, whereby I do not have to constantly conceal my belly button anymore.

        Before                                                                     After

Now you have a new flat stomach and a new belly button meaning you can wear any outfit you want, be comfortable going on the beach and for a swim as well as get changed in front of anyone without concern.


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