One of the most important area to be aware of, for a practitioner as well as for the patient, is expectations. This is an area that comes not only from experience and knowledge, but also compassion.



It is about bringing an awareness that the area of concern, if we’re talking about a scar or a skin graft, stretchmarks or hypo pigmentation, will always exist. It will always be visible to the person that has it. It will never go, and I nor any other Medical Tattooist can ever get rid of it. It is crucial this is mentioned in the consultation, and an understanding of the level of improvement that is possible. This saves the patients disappointment further down the road.


I will never see someone only once, and a small amount of tattooing at a time gives a better result than everything all at once. My patients want to look better, feel confident, to have a say in their appearance, and for some, to finalise their medical journey. I am usually the patients’ last port of call; when all the surgery is completed and a final touch is needed for enhancement. I will do my upmost to help you feel comfortable and safe during the consultation and procedure. Please be sure to ask your practitioner all the questions you need to.


If you feel comfortable take a friend or a partner with you, so they can ask questions also, and stay aware that it will always be visible to yourself. It isn’t magic, but it can be improved so that it’s not as noticeable.

With scarring- better results come over a period of time. Stay strong, do your research and be patient.

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