Exciting times for Rae Denman launching a new website, new brows, and a new clinic!


It’s the launch of my new website and before I tell you about the exciting changes I want to send a huge ‘Thank You’ to the people that have aided this new site. First to Indigo Marmoset for their web building and tech support making this website easily found, accessible and effective. Secondly to Nicola Jesse for managing the process by being able to take my visions and put them into reality, and for interpreting all the tech speak. 


So now the launch of a brand new website. Giving you all the information you’ll need for any area of Medical Tattooing and Permanent Makeup. I am launching new specialist clinics for Self Harm, Scarring and Port Wine Stains at my Reigate address whilst working alongside a psychological counsellor to address these issues in an ethical and safe way for patients.


Exciting times for Rae Denman


This year I have launched the fantastic new SR Brows that are an original way of introducing realistic brows to women of all ages and skin types. Performed within three treatments layers can be added to give a more 3D effect. This has been such a hit as the fashion is changing from large bold brows to a softer, more enhancing and beautiful brow.




Another new endeavour is a clinic at East Grinstead’s McIndoe Centre attached to Queen Victoria Hospital. This has been a long term goal for me, as this was the birthplace of Camouflage. After the second world war, Dr Archibald McIndoe went to work at Queen Victoria Hospital (in whose grounds the McIndoe Centre is situated) introducing new treatments to plastic surgery. Where men would have previously died from their injuries, they were now surviving because of the evolution of medicine. This led to ex servicemen having to learn to live with large extensive scars and burns. At the Queen Victoria Hospital, Dr McIndoe formed the ‘guinea pig club’ where he trialed many different plastic surgery techniques, helping these men to reintroduce themselves back into society. His understanding was that to fully heal it was 50% medical and 50% psychological. One of the things he introduced to the men was Camouflage cream. This helped them cover the discolouration of the burns and scars visually reducing the impact of the trauma.

Exciting times for Rae Denman


Because of the history as well as the contemporary techniques now available at The McIndoe Centre I am delighted to be able to offer my own services of Camouflage, Medical Tattooing and Permanent Makeup alongside the rest of the team.


If you would like to book to see me for a consultation or treatment at either of my clinics please complete my Contact Form 

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