Port Wine Stains, Scarring and Hair Loss can affect not only the physical appearance of an individual but also inner confidence, creating limitations on their lifestyle. Rae Denman can help using Medical Tattooing and Camouflage Techniques. Rae’s Specialist clinics will be dedicated to the treatment of Scars, Port Wine Stains, Scalp Density, and Self Harm Scars.


Rae Denman is a Medical Tattooist who has developed an impressive reputation for her work in scar camouflage and facial feature restoration in the field of permanent cosmetics, medical tattooing and skin camouflage.

Clinic’s held on Tuesday 9am -3pm at 16 Bell Street Reigate Surrey

Scalp Density


Port Wine Stain

Self-Harm (with Clinical Psychologist)


Scalp Density Clinic

Rae Denman will be holding a once a month clinic for Scalp Micropigmentation for those suffering with Hair Loss, Thinning Hair, male pattern baldness, covering of scars and adding density.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation and how can it help?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a way to replicate the image of the hair follicle giving you added density, so the scalp isn’t so visible. It helps to lessen the visible effects that thinning hair and receding hairlines can give. By adding pigment to these areas, it gives you the image of a thicker, more full head of hair.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is made up of three sessions, each session lasting for approximately 2-3 hours. Pigment is placed with a very fine needle into the dermal later of the scalp. It is not painful and no anesthetic is needed.



Rae Denman will be holding a once a month clinic for Scars – Scar Camouflage with Medical Micropigmentation can improve the appearance of your scar/s by adding pigment into the scar area and matching it to the surrounding skin. A number of sessions will be needed, and this will vary depending on the size of the area being treated and pigment retention. Scarring can be tender so anesthetic is used if needed.

Medical micro pigmentation will NOT remove your scar, but it can visibly reduce the appearance. By using camouflage methods, the scar can be blended with a number of different pigments to give a natural skin effect.

A patch test and colour analysis will be performed to determine the best course of action. After this a treatment plan will be set up regarding the number and length of treatments.



Specialist Clinics


Port Wine Stains

Rae Denman will be holding a once a month clinic specialising in treating Port Wine Stains using Medical Tattooing.

This revolutionary technique is used to reduce the visible impact of the port wine stain. PWS cannot be removed but the colour can be reduced. Depending on the size and the initial colouring the treatment plan will be over a number of sessions every 4 weeks.

The area will appear darker initially for the first 3-5 days, then a slight scabbing will appear. Once this is removed the colour will appear lighter. Each session will add more depth to the colour.


Self Harm

Rae Denman will be holding a once a month clinic specialising in treatment of scarring due to Self-Harm. Rae will work alongside Clinical Psychologist Dr Zoe Poole at her clinic. Self-Harm scars can be treated using Medical Tattooing.

The treatment will be a course of sessions where pigment will be inserted into the scar to gently blend it into the surrounding skin. The area will look red for the first 3-5 days and then the colour will soften.

Working alongside a clinical psychologist and a skin specialist, this multi-disciplinary team will assess each situation individually and plan a bespoke service.


If you would like to book any of these clinics please email makeup@raedenman.co.uk with your name, location, phone number and your area of concern.


Specialist Clinics

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