SR Brows – a new technique for permanent eyebrows

A new technique using a combination of needles and pigments creates a brow worthy of its own blog. The SR Brow is the newest innovation to sweep the Permanent Makeup World. After years of fine-tuning different styles, this combination brow is the choice for celebrities, models and the elite. Super realistic with hair strokes and definition, this brow can give you the desired effect of enhancing your eyes whilst framing your face, with our the outdated ‘full-on’ heavy brow. Get rid of that last seasons heavy brow, and get a realistic brow back. The colour lasts longer, fades better and will suit every face shape, colouring and style.

Patients are blown away with the realism, but also relieved they no longer feel they are outdated as ‘heavy brows’ didn’t suit them. Because of the extreme brows have been too over the last few years, they are now settling down to a more realistic look, that allows the focus to go back to their eyes – a much more attractive focal point, whilst still delivering definition, framing, style and colour.


SR Brows

A combination of styles and colours are added over the course of 3 treatments to create the SR look that is right for you.

The difference between SR Brows and regular permanent makeup brows is the 3D effect and the build up of colour and hair strokes like a painting.

No Painter ever creates a painting in one session. It needs to be layered and studied and observed and modified.

Whether you are starting with no hair, or lots of hair on your brows, the results can be fantastic and bespoke.


SR Brows

‘’I love my new brows, I never thought they could look like this! I have drawn them in for years (not very well), and now, even after the second session I can’t stop looking at them. If they’re this good now, I can’t wait for the third and final session.”

“Thank you Rae for my brows. The expense has been well worth the confidence and relaxation I now feel. I wish I had done it years ago. I finally feel as if I have my life back. Its silly how much ones brows can affect you, but they do. Thank you for helping me gain my freedom from worry.”


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