Healed photos of my patient Katharina. Post chemotherapy, her brows and lashes had only partially grown back. She wanted a subtle, yet defined look.

Katharina said…

“Rae did brow and lash semi-permanent makeup for me as my eyebrows had not regrown fully following chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Rae took lots of time to explain and plan what she was doing and I felt really well cared for during the whole process. I would not trust just anybody to do such delicate work in my face but with Rae I felt in safe hands. I am really pleased with the result and am delighted that I now do not have to wear eye make-up any longer.

I would recommend Rae’s gentle, considerate and careful approach to anybody. She is very good at putting you at ease and will ensure that the whole process is done with as little complications as possible.”

Brows & Lash-line Before Semi-Permanent Makeup

Brows Lashline Before

Brows & Lash-line 2 wks after 1st treatment

Brows & lash line 2 wks post treatment

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