Do you feel panic knowing your summer holiday is drawing near and you’ll have to crack open the summer closet?

Holiday Camouflage

Do you feel anxious about wearing shorts, t-shirts or a bikini?
Do you end up wearing long sleeves or leggings and then feel hot and sweaty all day?
Do you have noticeable thread veins, birthmark, scarring or other blemishes that concern you?

Camouflage for holiday could be your answer

The key is to match your skin tone and conceal the area to your surrounding skin, a consultation with a professional Camouflage practitioner will help you find the correct product and skin match. Once you are on holiday Camouflage products are fully waterproof so you can go swimming in the sea or pool without worrying about it coming off.

Take a look at my top tips on Holiday Camouflage application

Camouflage for Holiday

Some advice for application whilst holidaying in a hot country:

  1. Book a consultation with a professional Camouflage practitioner before going abroad so you have your exact skin tone match in cream and powder.
  2. Decant enough product in a small, easy to use pot.
  3. Buy some small, one time use applicators so you don’t go putting your fingers in the pots!
  4. Wet wipes are an easy way to remove Camouflage whilst travelling.
  5. When you’re ready to apply, make sure the area of the face or body is freshly cleaned and dried.
  6. The heat is good for the creams making them more malleable for applying. It’s not so good for your skin so make sure you apply it somewhere cool, if you can.
  7. Apply and set as shown in your Camouflage consultation, and then reapply the powder.
  8. Remember to dab the area dry (not rub) when you come out of the pool or sea. Or, leave it to dry naturally.
  9. If it needs another application before going out in the evening, apply about half the original amount, gently blend and set again with powder.
  10. Camouflage is designed so people around you don’t immediately notice and start asking questions.


All is left is for your to relax and enjoy your holiday without worrying about your skin imperfections – Have fun!


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