Are you getting married this summer?


Are you conscious of any tattoos or marks that you don’t want to appear in the photographs?


Wedding Day


Temporary Camouflage cream can help you conceal them for your special day, and for your photographs that will last a lifetime.


There are many different product ranges and hundreds of different colours so advising online, over the phone or even in a department store is inadvisable. The colour of the product when its on your skin can change, and that can’t always be determined util its actually tried on the relevant area.


A consultation with a Camouflage technician is always advisable as they will know techniques and tips, and have colour analysis experience. Once the correct colour is found the process of applying is so much easier.


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Camouflage is fully waterproof and transference proof, and it will last from the morning of application until late a night if set with the correct powder. If you wanted extra protection from transference there is a waterproof spray that is used over the top of the powder.



Above all, with the correct information you can safely and confidently enjoy one of the best days of your life!


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