Permanent Makeup – it can be soft and subtle


When discussing permanent makeup, it doesn’t have to be big brows, winged eyeliner and full lipstick. It can be much more subtle than that.


permanent makeup


A slight wash of colour behind the brow hairs, or a few extra hair strokes to fill in gaps, a touch of definition in between the lash line and a soft lip line to define those faded edges of lips.


These soft and subtle changes can really bring out your eyes and define your features without having to interfere too much or take any time over the application of makeup on a daily basis.


Permanent Makeup


Permanent makeup needs to be applied with age in mind. If someone retains pigment well, the shape, style and colour needs to age with them, and not be stuck with a fashion statement eyebrow, when that fashion changes.


Permanent Makeup

Go as natural as possible so as you age the colour and amount of definition will still look appropriate.


A retouch is always included in the original price so make the most of it, and go subtle and natural for the first treatment. It can always be made stronger on the retouch.


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