Do you struggle to keep foundation and eyeshadow on and have to reapply many times throughout the day?


Semi Permanent Makeup


Semi Permanent Makeup can help with that. Fill in your eyebrows with a soft shade of brown, use a black or navy to define your eyes with a subtle shade between the lashes, and line your lips with a natural lip colour to make them look more full, and add a hint of pink to freshen the colour.


Colours to match your skin tone and eye shade, colours to match your eyebrow hair and lip tone. Wake up ready! Imagine not having to spend time on your makeup every morning, but still walk out the house feeling confident and looking your best. Semi-Permanent Make-Up perfects your look and liberates you from the time-consuming daily chore of applying make-up. How good it feels to have professional make-up on every day, with no hassle.



Forget putting on makeup in this hot weather, just wake up and go.


Take a water freshener out with you to cool you down without the worry of your makeup smudging!


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