“I had very sparse eyebrows after years of plucking, and on a friend’s recommendation, I took the plunge and had my eyebrows microbladed. Unfortunately after a long consultation and much drawing of the new brows, I walked out with two black huge caterpillars on my face. I was devastated. They were ugly and not what we agreed. I couldn’t look in the mirror. Black eyebrows with blonde hair and blue eyes? Friends gasped when they first saw them. It was a huge expensive painful nightmare. I then spent 6 months and more money having them removed by laser. They went grey and faded until gradually I could barely see them.  Luckily I had met Rae by then who gave me the coincidence to try again. She spent loads of time with me, discussed colours and shapes and I am at last at the end of a long journey with lovely eyebrows.”

trouble with microblading

Oh, the troubles with microblading in the wrong hands.

Trainees sometimes use the same shape and similar colours on everyone. This client was horrified by her brows and it was a 2 year journey for her to get the brows she wanted. And a high cost, not only financially but emotionally as well. The colour was too dark, the cuts too deep and the shape wrong for her face. Although the pigment is semi permanent, if the blade goes too deep into the skin it can cause scarring and will ‘pull’ the colour cooler (grey).

Because of the nature of the scarring process the pigment can get ‘locked in’ to the skin and sometimes will not fade away completely, even after 10-20 years. Even if the depth is correct and the pigment is expertly applied, on some people it may still not fade away completely.

This should be explained to you in your consultation, so be careful with who you choose and don’t choose on cost alone. Your practitioner needs to know all the risks associated with permanent makeup, and what to do if things go wrong.


There are no guarantees with cosmetic work and each person will respond differently, hence choosing an established clinic with experienced practitioners is essential. 


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