If you do not like the result, don’t be scared to go back and say so. An experienced technician should not talk you in to having more tattooing, but can explain to you the procedures available to correct or remove the pigment. Get a couple of technicians advice and see if they align. Ask for photos of corrective work, of healed removal photos.

Do your research

If you’ve already received non professional work, make sure the next decision is the right one. Be honest with your practitioner, and if he/she is professional and experienced they will be honest with you about their knowledge and their capabilities, and, what you can expect the results to be.

The following photo is of a lady that came to me having had her lips tattooed elsewhere. The pigment was completely outside her natural lip line and gave a clown effect to her face. She was devastated. She had spent a lot of money, and now was having to spend more for removal.



This is after 4 sessions of removal, and I imagine after 1-2 more the pigment will be gone. However already it has faded enough for foundation to cover the cupids bow where the line is still outside her natural lipline. The best thing about this removal technique is that it is completely safe. No add, no intradermal needles, and no excessive downtime. A safe solution for corrective work.

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