Is it time for a Tattoo Removal?

Do you have unwanted tattoos or permanent makeup. Have your brows been tattooed too thick, too dark or way outside your natural shape?

Now we can offer a safe and effective form of removal that removes pigment and ink in a relatively pain free way. Tattoo Remoov TM the brainchild of Linda Paradis works safely by using the amazing 88needle to glide across the surface of the skin scuffing the epidermis, creating heat and friction to open the pores.

tattoo removal

The solution administered enters the pores and creates a reaction with the pigment, drawing it to the surface of the skin. Over a number of sessions all the pigment can be removed from the skin. The number of sessions depends upon the age of the tattoo, the depth of the ink/pigment and the quality of the ink/pigment. The solution is of an alkaline solution so it causes no problem to the skin in the way that acid solutions do.

This is perfect for unwanted semi-permanent makeup and small body tattoos.


Read: Lesley Reynolds in The Daily Express – High-tech tattoo removal Tattoo Remoov is the latest treatment to remove semi-permanent make-up mishaps such as botched brows or wonky lip lines


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