Microblading has been the buzz word in semi-permanent makeup for the last year now.

Unfortunately because of that, there are more people wanting to be involved, and an increase in sub-standard training. Microblading is dangerous if performed in the inexperienced hands. It is very easy to go too deep in the skin which can lead to scarring. Once the pigment is implanted too deep, it will cause it to turn a cool grey colour.

Because the present fashion for eyebrows is a full, dark brow, darker pigments are being used even for fair to medium skinned women. A full brow is not suitable for certain face shapes or for age group 40 plus. As the face changes with age, so too the features need to change and soften in order to keep a youthful appearance.

Brows need to be bespoke – to fit within your natural shape, sit gently upon your bone structure and blend in with your hair colour. Once this is achieved the brows can quickly and easily be enhanced for a night out. If the brow is tattooed too large, too dark and/or too deep the result will monopolise the face and take away from the beauty of the eyes.

Now using new technology this can be removed safely and effectively. No acid, no pain and no scarring.

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