Male Brow Loss

Are you aware of thinning eyebrows, or have bald patches from scars or a genetic disposition? Do you wish you had slightly more definition around your eyes?

Have you thought about Medical Tattooing? 

Males often feel that they have less choice when it comes to making eyes stand out, or increasing the amount of hair on the brows, and there aren’t many ways to improve this without wearing makeup. Now with Medical Tattooing, men can come for a safe, effective and subtle procedure.

For men, Medical tattooing can be anywhere from really natural to as strong as you require. Some men would prefer anonymity when it comes to treatment, so the effect has to be natural but effective. By adding colour in particular areas with a range of needle types, an effect can be created to add definition and symmetry whilst being subtle and discreet. 

Of course if you look like the gorgeous and talented Joshua Kane, you are more than welcome to have very indiscreet permanent makeup to enhance your looks and style.

One patient came in because he had a scar through his eyebrow and was experiencing problems at work. There is a fashion where young men shave a line or two through their brows as a fashion statement and this was disapproved of at work. He however had not done this on purpose and was actually scarred. But, by adding a few hair strokes through the brow and the scarred area, he was no longer having to explain himself and could relax at work with no one being any the wiser.

“The procedure has left me feeling more confident and comfortable with my appearance. The quality of the care I received was excellent with Rae being very caring and professional yet friendly, I felt very comfortable in her abilities. She helped me understand the procedure and equipped me to form realistic expectations of the results and the procedure went very well, I would do it again tomorrow. Very grateful and pleased with my whole experience, thank you.”


Another patient was on film a lot with work and would need to go through the makeup department. He had also lost some brow hairs as well as his lashes becoming more and more sparse. I added some brow hairs to both the eyebrows to make them more defined and symmetrical, along with some subtle colour in the lash line. The result was understated whilst being effective.

“I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the results of the treatment yesterday. It is just what I was looking for; a subtle difference as far as other people are concerned but a really good result as far as I’m concerned.”


Medical Tattooing around the eyeline and eyebrow is a subtle and realistic treatment to give a younger, fuller effect. For men, the design and technique is different giving a very natural result. So if you want to look younger, more defined, or have lost hair through an accident, ask about Medical Tattooing.


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