The British Association of Medical Tattooists was founded by Rae Denman, driven by her concerns that the industry was both unregulated and too easily allowed vulnerable clients to progress through escalating fixations on procedures.


Looking at the news publication today about safe practices with cosmetic surgery and aesthetics with regard to mental health issues, this is an area that has been addressed by The British Association of Medical Tattooing.


Duty of care


Rae Denman (Medical Tattooist) in collaboration with Dr Zoe Poole, (clinical psychologist) are in the process of implementing protocols and standard practices within the cosmetic industry to ensure patient safety.


The aim is to provide the best outcomes for patients with a visible difference by equipping practitioners with research based protocols.
They work collectively as a multi-disciplinary team alongside psychologists, oncologists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, scar specialists, occupational therapists and service users to provide evidence based research as to how best to provide a holistic service within the industry.


“Physical differences can lead to psychological problems, or psychological problems can lead to people concentrating on perceived or real visible differences. We are working to offer a multi disciplinary approach in cosmetic services so the best possible assessment and treatment can be given to each person in need. We currently work collaboratively with psychologists and other allied health professionals. An amalgamation of experience, training and knowledge can be beneficial to adopt a more bespoke service. It also means new trainees in separate specialities can gain a wider understanding of the needs of their patients leading to better, longterm positive outcomes.”


Rae Denman is a Medical Tattooist with extensive experience within the NHS and private practice. Medical Tattooing can be used to blend visible differences (such as scarring, skin grafts or hyper-pigmentation in to the surrounding skin, or to enhance features that have been lost such as nipple areola reconstruction post mastectomy, hair and eyebrows due to alopecia and cupids bow due to cleft lip surgery.


Dr Zoe Poole BA, BSc, DClinPsych, CPsychol is a Clinical Psychologist and an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) Therapist with extensive training both in the NHS and private practice and offers a range of research-based therapies for a range of difficulties such as anxiety, complex trauma, unresolved grief, health problems and relationship difficulties.


Dr Hilary Jones, GP, presenter and writer on medical issues is an associate for The British Association of Medical Tattooing. Having been a part of the media and health industry for most of his life, he is well aware of the need to offer duty of care within all forms of cosmetic procedures to safeguard vulnerable patients.


Dr U Suleiman MD, FRCS is also an associate of The British Association of Medical Tattooing


For more information on The British Association of Medical Tattooing please contact Rae Denman


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