Do you have your star sign mapped out in freckles and moles over your body? Do you have your relationships, loves gained and lost in the wrinkles around your eyes from smiling and crying? Do you have trauma scars either accidental or self inflicted; as a way to ease the energy of mental anguish?


Written on the Body

Do you have tattoo marking from radiotherapy where precision was required to target the perceived enemy, or tattoos that write your thoughts and emotions on your body for all to see? Does your insecurity show with cosmetic surgery scars?


Each of us carries the map of our lives on our skin

How much can you trace your life by observing your skin? How much do you want to shed it, and is it ever truly gone or just hidden? Can it all be accepted like a map of the world, a path trodden by many footsteps, each indelibly sinking its impression into you, onto you, for you to carry?


Sometimes the weight of this is too heavy to bear. Sometimes the weight of it just needs to be put down for a day.


Veil Cover Cream


Changing Lives with Colour


I have been helping people with visible differences for many years and one of the safest, easiest, least intrusive ways is with camouflage cream. For many years the colours and the products have whirled around my head forming shapes and becoming patterns on people’s bodies. Always working with hundreds of tones, mixing to form new shades, the beginning of a new range was forming.

There are 5 incredible main brands that I work with. They are all available on prescription. They are all fully waterproof. And, if applied correctly, they are all transference proof. My favourite has always been Veil Cover Cream. Their products are malleable, non-drying, the colours are beautiful but most of all they are extraordinarily easy to apply to all areas of the body. Application is key to it looking good; or most importantly being invisible on the skin and to the eye. My other attraction to Veil Cover Cream is the history of camouflage that dates back to the Second World War when Sir Archibald McIndoe, a pioneering plastic surgeon chose the Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead as his studio after war broke out in 1939. 

He was revolutionary in his approach; his philosophy being that treatment should be 50% medical and 50% psychological. He knew that his patients, service men (returning from war with severe trauma which led to scarring), needed to regain their self esteem in order to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life. He worked with Thomas Blake, an analytic chemist, to create a topical creme that was skin coloured to help conceal burn scar tissue.

He introduced camouflage makeup to his team of veterans, then named ‘the guinea pig club,’ to assist with reintegration into the world outside of the hospital. And so Veil Cover Cream was born.

So it is with thanks to McIndoe and Thomas Blake that camouflage treatment is so readily available today, and with the progression of colours and products available on the market, it is much easier for many people to use camouflage on a daily basis, increasing their confidence by having the choice to cover up their visual difference.


Veil Cover Cream


During the 20+ years I have used Veil there have been moments of wishing I could introduce a few new colours. There were some main Asian and darker skin colours that were missing and I wondered why none of the ranges had asked practitioners to advise on their colours. Then one day Veil phoned me and asked me to be a distributor of their products. My response to all other companies had always been “No”. I don’t like to sell products, I’m not a salesperson. I am a body painter and a carer at heart. Put the two together and you have a Medical Tattooist and Camouflage Practitioner. But this was Veil, so I said I’d think about it. I spoke to the owner about the missing colours and from that conversation to two ‘Docu-Signed’ signatures yesterday, the new ‘Rae Denman range for Veil Cover Cream’ was born. Ten beautiful new colours evolved from years of experience and changing skin tones. With thanks to my wonderful patients; a mix of Jamaican, Nigerian, Indian, Caucasian, Iranian, Pakistani, Iraqi, Spanish, Maltese, and Chinese into stunning new ethnicities, the beauty of skin has changed and new colours are born.

Keep watching for the introduction of my new range at Veil Cover Cream

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