I am incredibly excited to announce that The Rae Denman Range at Veil Cover Cream has been launched. Over the past few months, I’ve been working with Veil Cover Cream to launch 10 brand new Veil Cover Cream shades, 2 new Finishing Powder shades and a skincare product.

Rae Denman Range

International Colours are considered from years of Camouflage experience with scarring, vitiligo, birthmarks, port wine stains, tattoos. Any number of visible differences can cause upset and a lack of confidence which can result in deeper psychological issues. Camouflage creams are often a last resort, BUT a very good last resort. They are totally SAFE, incredible EFFECTIVE, easy to use and completely NO RISK.

Each of these colours were inspired by brave people with visible differences that had decided to give themselves a choice. They had sought advice from a professional Camouflage practitioner with considerable experience and came away armed with a product that was easy to use, effective and long lasting.


Rae Denman Range

Maia – Beckers Naevus Birthmark

Kayo – Scar

Iona – Vitiligo

Ramo – Skin Graft Site

Seena -Ichthyosis

Monica May – Port Wine Stain

Amy Olive – Melasma and sun damage

Amor – Hyperpigmentation

Manuh – Hypo-pigmentation

Atticus – Stretchmarks





Rae Denman Range



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