Are you a male that is concerned with some aspect of your appearance? Are you a male and nervous or unsure of walking into a clinic?


Where medical tattooing is concerned I see as many males as I do women. Men are just as self-conscious when it comes to visible differences as women are. Perhaps the main difference is that they don’t talk about it as much with friends and colleagues. That can often leave them with a lack of information about how to access help. I’m here to help create a safe, relaxed and professional space to listen to your concerns and discuss the best treatment options for you.

Medical tattooing and Camouflage cream is as relevant to men as it is to women and it can be used for a whole range of visual changes:


Cleft Lip – surgery when young can leave scarring and hypo-pigmentation in the moustache or beard line when older.

men with visible differences   









Skin Grafts – over circumcision can be a terrible problem for young and old men that then attempt to counteract the painful effects with a skin graft, which in turn can lead to an obvious colour change.

   Men with visible differences

Port Wine Stains – these are so often facial and can range in colour from a soft pink to a very noticeable purple colour.

  port wine stain removal Surrey 3a_2

These are just a few of the conditions that I see on a regular basis. So if you are reading this and have any of these symptoms, you are not the only one. Our Reigate Clinic is very discreet, we have our own parking that leads to our back door. We have two fully equipped surgery theatres and are used to dealing with a range of patients of all shapes, size and sex.

Medical tattooing can help by implanting skin or hair coloured pigment into the area that is discoloured to blend it into the surrounding skin. This is generally performed over a period of thereto four treatments. The length of each session will be determined by the size of the area to be treated but will usually range from 1-2 hours. Anaesthetic can be used to make the treatment comfortable, and time is taken to ensure the correct colour match and needle usage for your particular skin.

The only risk to this treatment is an infection, this is very low risk if the aftercare is adhered to. This will be explained fully in your consultation as well as after each treatment. You will also be given an aftercare form so you have a reminder at hand at all times. The main area of aftercare is the initial 48 hours post treatment where you will not be able to get the area wet. You will be supplied with an aftercare dressing (if applicable) and balm.

The pigment tends to last between one to four years, depending on the amount of sun exposure, medication, skin care etc. Your colour boost is due when the area is approximately fifty percent faded and then only one to two treatments are needed to get the area to its optimum.




If you have an area of visible difference that concerns you at all, contact myself or my PA to book a consultation at: or enquire through my contact form where you can upload photos

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