How do you achieve the right brows for you?


There are so many different shapes of brows, and particular styles to suit certain face shapes. However when we follow tips and photos of different people, we find that although you may have a round face, and its suggested that flatter, straighter brows will suit your face, how do you define the exact shape, length, thickness from that information.


The best way to deal with this is to find a trusted practitioner and let them work with you, to create the correct and most beautiful shape for your face.


right brows for you


Sometimes fashion plays a part, mostly with younger women, and then symmetry and definition play their own part. However if the fashion for thicker, straighter brows does not suit you, you need to work with your bone structure and eye shape to fully perfect the right arch for your own personal style.


This may take a few sessions. It needs work, time, colour, style and a range of hair strokes and shading to create that natural but defined look.


Drawing, plucking, shaping, elongating, lifting all are necessary to lift the eyes, open the face and add symmetry.
Using Semi-permanent makeup / microblading / brow tattooing / micro pigmentation to place pigment of different colours in the correct place you can shape your brows to the best they can be on your bone structure. A practitioner will talk to you about your expectation, your style and your lifestyle. They will then start by drawing on your face to work together to find the right shape. This can take as long as is needed as a practitioner needs to get to know your face and try different options.


Once you’ve agreed on the shape and style, the tattooing will start by gently placing strokes into your skin to outline the shape. then anaesthetic can be added to numb the area so you can relax for the next hour. Once the brow have been tattooed and the pigment is placed under the skin, a healing balm will be added. This acts as a barrier to infection.


The aftercare is then imperative to your healing and the retaining of the pigment. This will be explained thoroughly to you, as well as an aftercare sheet given to you.


To finish off the treatment a review will be given between 4-8 weeks post treatment to ensure you get the 10/10 look that you have paid for.


If you’re looking for ease, safety, style, quality and affordability get your brows tattooed before Christmas, saving you lots of time on a daily basis when the days are short.


If you would like to book the right brows for you please email with your name and phone number, or call on 01737 930400 to speak to my PA Katie Hill.

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