Have you been left with facial scarring and hypo-pigmentation that you cover with makeup or camouflage every day? Soften the visible impact with medical tattooing.


Facial scarring

Many people experience anxiety and suffer in silence due to their visible difference because they feel they may be judged. It’s a cosmetic issue not a medical one so they worry they may be labelled as vain. Many men and women still suffer from what was once a medical issue – acne from their teens and early twenties, but now have been left with scarring and hypo-pigmentation that they have been covering with makeup or camouflage ever since. Some may never go out of the house without full makeup or camouflage cover on, and some will even sleep with it on, in fear of being woken up in the night by partners, or a fire, or something happening to one of their children and having to get out of bed and see people. This is a constant anxiety that can cause stress and filter into other areas of their lives, such as emotional and physical relationships, work and social lives, and wellbeing and happiness.

There are many skin treatments and products out there, and it can be a minefield trawling your way through information, products and services. It can become costly, ineffective, and ultimately add to the stress. In essence nothing can remove scarring and learning to live with the visible aspects is a necessity. Finding a solution that helps you manage that, that helps you learn to live with it, can be a relief. Medical tattooing isn’t magic! It doesn’t remove or get rid of anything. The area of concern still exists. But by softening the visible impact of it, by camouflaging it even a little bit, can take away some of the stress experienced by the day to day existence.

Facial scarring

Medical tattooing is a very simple, safe and effective way to help reduce the visibility of scarring or hypo-pigmentation. The pigment is safe and medically certified. It fades over time as the lymph system processes the pigment molecules and flushes them from the body. Therefore, it is semi-permanent in its nature. It is easy as a trained practitioner will do the work for you, implanting skin coloured pigment into the areas of concern to camouflage those areas into the surrounding skin. The pigment will last approximately a year or two, so an annual or bi-annual colour boost is all that is needed. It is effective as the colour matches your skin tone, so that either no makeup/camouflage cream is needed, or, in some cases where camouflage cream is still worn, it makes the covering of the area a whole lot easier and less product is needed.

One lady who never answered the door without full makeup, spending one hour in the morning getting her makeup on, just in case she had a package delivered, can now enjoy that extra time getting up, dressed and having her breakfast, without the constant worry of how she looks.

One gentleman who covered up his many small spots of hypo-pigmentation on his face every night in case his girlfriend saw them, can now go to sleep without the fear of the camouflage cream rubbing onto his sheets or coming off in the night. (Camouflage cream is transference proof so this shouldn’t happen, but it can still be a fear for people wearing it, if they have covered up their visible difference from their loved ones).

It is different from normal body tattooing in that it takes a few sessions to build up the colour so patience is required during the process. The healing time and the aftercare in between treatments is as important as the treatment itself. Once the treatment is finished there starts the psychological process of learning to switch off from looking at those areas all the time and searching for them in the mirror. As the visible impact is reduced so is the anxiety of how it looks and therefore the impact that has on your stress levels. If this is something you need help with there are clinical psychologists that are used to dealing with visible differences that can aid this process.


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