Everyone with a visible difference is unique

Everyone with a visible difference is unique, as is their skin tone so its important we recognise this in colour palettes of camouflage cream


People’s bodies come in all sorts of size, shape and colour and it’s important we recognise this, especially when it comes to skin tone. As countries and races continue to mix, this presents new skin tones, therefore the colour palette of camouflage cream is constantly evolving.

Through my work with Cosmetic Camouflage over the past 20 years, this helped me recognise that there was a huge gap in the market when it came to finding the perfect colour match for those with visible differences, especially those from a BAME background. There are a wider variety of colours for Caucasian skin tones and plenty of colours for black skin tones, but with huge disparity in between. Yes, there are colours out there, but companies miss the mark when it comes to understanding the breadth of base colours. Especially when it comes to mid-range skin tones, such as Asian, Arabic and mixed-race; to name a few.

visible difference is unique

Collaboration with Veil Cover Cream

I’d spent plenty of time monitoring this issue and questioned how it can be resolved before I was approached by one the best camouflage cream brands, Veil Cover Cream, who asked me to collaborate with them to enhance their colour palette.

Through my own experience as a Medical Tattooist and research, I was able to go through old patient notes as I had marked down skin tone mixes that featured the most. A process was then kick-started to mix and match current colours to get the correct shade. I even added my own base tones, sometimes mixing five or six different colours, to achieve the perfect match.

By trial and error, I finally came up with 10 new colours that were replicated and manufactured for use by Veil Cover Cream. This range was launched to an international market in 2019 and continues to sell well. Feedback tells me the ease of finding a perfect colour match has helped both men and women reduce the visibility of their skin condition, which is dramatically increasing their self-confidence. Particularly those from BAME backgrounds where demand is growing.

visible difference is unique

“It’s such a relief finding the correct colour match for me. It saves me so much time every morning, or before an important event, that I feel so less stressed by it. I’m really happy with the results of Seena.

Camouflage cream is helping to visibly reduce or completely camouflage birthmarks, port wine stains and hypo-pigmentation for many of my patients. Furthermore, it’s a safe, effective and easy option. This gives my patients the option of applying camouflage cream on a daily basis or leaving their visual difference exposed to show off their unique identity. At least now they have a perfectly matched solution. More information can be found here.


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