Tips on how to look after your Medical Tattooing during lockdown

During this difficult time there are professional medical treatments and services that you simply cannot access, and even if some services are still operating, you may be anxious to travel to their place of business. I believe that most of us are struggling at the moment and any help and advice can go a long way.

There is enough to worry about during lockdown without the added stress of what to do with your Medical Tattooing as it starts to fade.

look after your Medical Tattooing

Here are a few tips for you to manage the process and retain your pigment as best as possible:

  1. Retinol based products are there to increase the turnover time of your skin. If retinol-based products are touching the area of Medical Tattooing, it will turn the skin over quicker and therefore remove the tattooing from the outside. Keep your retinol products off the area concerned with an extra 1cm around the outside edge as products tend to travel across and even under the surface of the skin.
  2. Vitamin A is often added to multivitamins or other supplements. Vitamin A is what retinol is made from, so it has the same properties regarding skin turnover. As long as you’re not deficient in Vitamin A, it is worth taking supplements that do not contain it, therefore helping your pigment retention.
  3. UV rays will fade the pigment so keeping it out of the sun, or wearing a Factor 50 Sun Protection will help increase the fading time for as long as possible. During this lockdown we are not seeing too much sun but the UV rays still come through and affect the tattooing. However, I would suggest you still go out for daily exercise as it is incredibly beneficial to get fresh air and exercise, especially during a lockdown.
  4. Keeping your skin moisturised will help the area look healthier and smoother, as well as helping the health of your skin long-term. Spending just a couple of minutes daily on moisturising the area of tattooing will make a difference over the years.


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