Creating a new shade – Iona Lee

Working with Veil creating a new shade of cover cream to add to the collection of International Colours in the Premium Range by Rae Denman


We will never be able to service every colour under the sun in one palette. And we will never be able to have a range that presents every single skin tone. But thankfully Veil have been generous and allowed me to introduce another colour to my Premium range


Creating a new shade


Creating a new shade

I had a lovely patient that had Vitiligo and the initial colour that we found for her, which was one of the premium range already, did not suit during the summer months as it was a little pale. Even wearing Factor 50 Sun protection, some skin tones will still pick up the sun and go darker. We tried all the other colours and could find a pretty good match with Iona mix with Manuh, but it wasn’t quite perfect. I thought I’d go to Veil to check in with the colour range and see if there was room for more. They kindly said yes, I could introduce another colour. 

I started again with this patient from scratch and started to mix all and every colour in different percentages to try and get the best outcome. Quite often the undertone is a completely different colour from the top of the skin and it can be confusing when the light hits at different times of the day and the camouflage looks a different colour. This can happen when someone is looking down at their legs from above – as one does when it’s your own legs – but if you look straight ahead into the mirror, the camouflage can look completely different. 

We cannot control how the light hits the skin, or what colour and strength of light you may find yourself in, what we can control, is the best colour match possible.

So after a few sessions of trial and error, we managed with a hint of Gold to make another match and called this Camouflage cream colour Iona Lee. My patient was delighted with the colour match and camouflage cream. 


We have now introduced Iona Lee to the Rae Denman Premium Range of Camouflage creams. 

Don’t continue to stand out for reasons that make you unhappy. Skin Camouflage is a flexible, manageable, and successful solution, one which can make a real difference to your life.


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