Micro-needling has a positive side effect of tattooing

Micro-needling can give you long-term, visible scar reduction, and when used in conjunction with Medical Tattooing can help your concerns with appearance fade.



Scarring is often discoloured and has a different texture than the surrounding skin. I have already discussed what can be done with the discolouration of scars, and how Medical Tattooing can help reduce the visibility of the area. A wonderful side effect of Medical Tattooing is that it can also break down scar tissue, stimulate collagen-producing the wonderful effect of raising indented scars, flattening raised scars, and smoothing rippled scars. If the texture of a scar or skin tissue concerns you because of its appearance, as well as finding it harder to cover with Camouflage Cream, then Micro-needling is worth a try.

Otherwise known as Dry Needling /Skin Needling/ Dermarolling, micro-needling is a multi-session treatment. Generally, you will see results after three to six sessions. Aftercare is imperative to help achieve the outcome you want, and this will be explained in full every time you come for an appointment.

Micro-needling is a procedure that uses small needles that pierce the skin stimulating the collagen and elastin for smoother and firmer skin.

Unlike other minimally invasive skin treatments such as laser therapy, micro-needling is considered safe for darker skin tones because it doesn’t damage or remove the outer layer of skin. It is also considered safe for thin and sensitive skin so any age group can benefit from the treatment.




Preparation for micro-needling treatment

Micro-needling has minor side effects such as redness, bruising, and inflammation which normally clear up within a few days. In preparation for your treatment:

  • NO tanning or direct sun exposure in the previous week
  • DRINK plenty of water the day before and in the hours leading up to the treatment as this can reduce the chances of bruising and inflammation

It’s very important to avoid sun exposure, vigorous exercise, and exfoliants for 72 hours after each treatment. You need to avoid picking, scratching, or itching the skin as it heals, as it could delay the process.

You will be okay to go back to work after the treatment but it may look red and sore. A dressing can be applied if needed, and after 24 hours, a lightweight powder can be used to camouflage the area.

It’s important to understand the contraindications of Microneedling and inform your practitioner if you have a history of acne or eczema; a condition that slows healing, such as diabetes; are on blood thinners or other medications; are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Results of Micro-needling

The results are variable depending on the age of the skin; the level of scarring /wrinkles/stretching; UV exposure; aftercare; the number of treatments. The results will be reviewed during the 10 weeks between treatments, as well as photos taken Before, During, and After each treatment to monitor the progress. Microneedling can give you long-term, visible scar reduction, and when used in conjunction with Medical Tattooing can help your concerns with appearance fade into the background, so you can start living again.


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