Are eyebrows really always ‘brown’?

brown brows

Brow colours are all brown, whether they are light, medium or dark, a cool ash brown or a warm red brown, they are still all brown. Brown is made up of Red, Blue and Yellow in different amounts to create the different tones and shades. Because pigment is formed of very small molecules, those molecules can travel through the different layers of the skin and then be removed over time by the body’s lymph system. The yellow will fade first, then depending upon the warmth or coolness of the brown you have, you will notice your brows turning slightly warm (red tone) or cool (grey/ash tone).


This is the natural process. It does not mean your technician has done anything wrong.


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As you start to notice the colour change, this is your reminder to go for a Colour Boost. At this point, the cost will be less, the amount of work will be less and your brows will retain their beautiful brown colour.

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