Have you had a face lift or a brow lift, and now are left with scarring that you wish you couldn’t see?

Medical Tattooing can reduce the visual impact of scarring by blending skin coloured pigment into the scar. Colour is applied gently over a period of time so it is camouflaged subtly and realistically.



If you have pale and white scars whether on the face or body due to cosmetic procedures, a patch test for sensitivity and a colour analysis will be done to fine tune the treatment to your needs.


The benefits of medical tattooing are visual, physical and psychological.


My patients want to look better, feel confident, to have a say in their appearance, and for some, to finalise their medical journey. I am usually the patients’ last port of call; when all the surgery, whether medical or cosmetic is completed and a final touch is needed for enhancement. I will do my upmost to help you feel comfortable and safe during the consultation and procedure.


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