Is your top lip so much darker than your lower lip?

Is your lower lip two tone in its pigment?


Medical Tattooing can brighten and even out the tone of your lips. Using a special mix of colours that react with the colour in your lips, over 2-4 treatments your lips will slowly even out and look brighter. Permanent Makeup can be applied over a number of weeks adding a pinker or redder hue to the lips.

There are many different reasons for using Medical Tattooing on your lips.  Some people want their lips darker, lighter, more even and more defined.  It is an easier process making skin/ lips darker than their natural colour, and filling in patches to make them even can be achieved in 1-3 sessions.


Colour of your lips

Whether you have dark lips or pink/ pale lips, evening out pale patches will make your lips look smoother. Adding shadow in certain areas can make the lips look fuller. And lightening areas or full lips can be achieved by a special mix of colours. Always do a patch test to make sure you don’t hyper pigment from the stimulation of the needles.

If you have dark lips, make sure your practitioner has enough experience to be able to do a concise colour management.

CAUTION: Please be very careful who you go to for this, as a normal pigment range will darken the lips and can turn them purple.


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