Self Harm is on the rise


This is often linked to psychological rather than physical factors, but will leave a visible reminder to the person, their friends and family, as well as to strangers.


Self Harm

This will cause many of these people to cover the areas concerned up.


Always wearing long sleeves even in the deep heat of the summer.

Always wearing long trousers even on the beach. Never going swimming.

Always being very conscious of having to cover up.

On many occasions when someone has the courage to reveal their body, whether by wearing short sleeves , shorts or a swimming costume they will often have to answer questions about the scarring. Time and again. Leading to the decision to once again cover up.

These markings will be there forever. They cannot be removed. When the psychological aspect has healed, the scars will still be visible. There is an answer that is able to reduce the visible impact of the scars.

Medical Tattooing

Medical Tattooing works by implanting pigment into the scar area to add colour to blend it into the surrounding skin. The treatment is not painful and a number of treatments will be needed. Usually 4-5 but this will depend upon the number of scars involved. The scars need to be over 2 years fully healed.

This kind of work can only be performed after an evaluation by a clinical psychologist. All cutting would have to have stopped with no recurrence. It is imperative to know this is not a solution that means one can continue self harming with no consequences. The type of result expected is up to 50% improvement. The scars will still be visible to oneself and to others looking closely. The main objective is to minimise the appearance so strangers and onlookers are not immediately drawn to looking at them.

I will often get patients who have fully healed from their psychological distress and years later, due to having children, or new partner or for any other reason decide they no longer want the association and attention that this type of scarring can bring. Reducing the visibility can have a powerful influence to their lives.


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It is also imperative to manage the disturbance that working on these areas may bring up for them. This is why I have a clinical Psychologist in clinic every week for referrals if necessary. A patients wellbeing is first and foremost. We will talk through the expectations and results after each treatment recording the psychological impact whether negative or positive you have gained from this treatment.



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