Do you have a Port Wine Stain that concerns you?

Have you finished all laser treatments and still not happy?


Most Port Wine Stains affect the face which can cause a lack of self confidence for some people. The questions, the regular comments and potentially bullying when younger can mean that some people do not live their lives as fully as they’d like. Up until now there hasn’t been any other treatments apart from various lasers and camouflage cream, some of which are available on the NHS. Laser treatment is extremely painful, it can work well especially when young but the port wine stain may increase in colour as it ages. Camouflage cream is also a very good treatment as it can mask the full colour of the port wine stain. It is a temporary solution and the person needs to apply it on a daily basis or whenever its required.

After looking at the research collated and trialing treatment processes, Rae Denman is now offering Medical Tattooing for Port Wine Stains. This treatment is highly skilled and innovative. The number of treatments will be dependent upon the size of the PWS as well as the individuals skin type and medication. Many treatments will be needed, generally between 7 to 20. Anesthetic will be used if necessary so the treatment isn’t painful. The port wine stain will not be gone, but it will be less visible and for some people that still want to use camouflage cream, it will be easier to cover.

Treatment will be carried out every 4 weeks (it can be left longer if needed) and the pigment will be implanted in layers to create the most effective result possible. The PWS will look darker for the first 3-5 days post treatment. A slight sloughing will then occur as the pigment looks lighter. Over the following 2-4 weeks the pigment comes through the layers of the skin to reveal the true colour. Pigment will fade over time so retouches will be needed from time to time.

Port Wine Stain              Port Wine Stain

The treatment process of Medical Tattooing on a Port Wine Stain. The second photo is healed after 4 treatments.

As previously stated most port wine stains affect the face, but they can involve any area of skin. they may be part of more widespread abnormalities that are generally checked out at birth, some of which are listed below:

• A Port Wine Stain in the skin around the eye, may be associated with increased pressure in the eye (gluacoma)

• Rarely a Port Wine Stain on the upper face can be linked to abnormalities within the brain (called Sturge-Weber Syndrome)

• A Port Wine Stain on the central back overlying the spine can be linked to an underlying spine defect called spina bifida

• Klippel-Trenaunay-Syndrome occurs when there is an enlargement of the limb affected by the port wine stain, which may also develop enlarged deeper varicose-type veins.

If you have any of these conditions this will be discussed in the consultation and a letter from your doctor will be required to undergo treatment.

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