Get yourself brow ready for 2019

Many women are spending so much time at work, organising the home and seeing to the family that they forget about themselves


Many women rush out of the door in the morning having achieved 101 household duties but forgotten to apply their eyeliner or their mascara. Or its smudged by the time they get on the train! By the end of the day, the eyeliner has worn off, the brows have rubbed away and the lipstick has been non-existent since noon.
Isn’t it about time you thought of yourself. Isn’t it time to put yourself nearer the top of the list then 50th.


Permanent Makeup (semi-permanent makeup / microblading / micropigmentation) gives you all the help you need. No daily application, no smudging, no wasted time, no worrying about reapplication, or being out in the rain. Just relax. Go to the gym, go swimming, go running as often as you want and your eyebrows, eyeliner and lips will stay as perfect as they were when you woke up in the morning, when you went to lunch, after you’d eaten lunch, when you went home and when you went to bed. If you want a natural look you can wear makeup over the top for a stronger effect, or you can go more defined with the permanent makeup and forget about wearing daily applied makeup for good.


Brow Ready

SR Brows are the new wave of brows for all you women that want more time to yourself. Regardless of your age, style or colouring you can have a totally natural and subtle effect or you can go more defined, structured and higher arched, but whatever your style, they will look as if you haven’t had them tattooed. No black harsh lines, no strong brows that look like they don’t belong to your face. Just a decent softly shaded, detailed brow with hair strokes, a few different subtle tones of colour all mixed together over a 3-part treatment to create the look that’s right for you.

Time is spent choosing the colours and drawing the shape on before any tattooing is started. This can be done in a separate consultation or during the first treatment, but preparation is key to this procedure.

The shape will be mapped out to open and lift your eyes. This draws the viewer to look at your eyes and not your eyebrows, maybe not even noticing your brows as they frame your face so naturally. People will comment that you look different, fresher, younger maybe, but they won’t be sure why. Eyebrows aren’t designed to be a feature in their own right, they are designed to frame your face, to keep sweat off of your eyes and to protect the ‘entrance to your soul’. Be mindful of that when thinking of your brows. They will need to be along your natural brow bone, with permanent makeup (semi-permanent makeup / microblading / micropigmentation) you need to follow your structure as much as possible with creative license to embellish only that which will suit and improve on the shape.

This treatment is relatively pain free and takes 3 months for completion. However after the first treatment you will notice a difference and that will build up over the course of three treatments. It is like a painting, there are layers over layers so the final effect is realistic (super-realistic / SR Brows). This allows time to determine how you retain pigment, how the colour changes in your skin, and also gives you time to get used to having eyebrows.

So for 2019, choose SR Brows with Rae Denman



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