A ten-year cancer journey and a final touch with areola medical tattooing


I asked my patient to write about her experience with breast cancer and how she came to decide that nipple/areola tattooing was for her, and why she finally felt her journey was complete.

Nipple/Areola re-pigmentation can be essential to your confidence. Self-esteem and confidence must start from inside, and how you feel and view yourself is key to this. This specialist medical tattooing treatment is often the final touch on a long journey of surgery, treatment, and reconstruction for both men and women.


Areola medical tattooing


A personal journey to Areola Tattooing


“At the age of 29 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it’s been a long and at times exhausting journey, after six lots of surgery including a double mastectomy/DIEP, chemotherapy, and finally radiotherapy, l was lucky to have lots of support from family and friends, I am now 10 years clear. After all the surgery it really did not feel a priority or important to me to have my areola medical tattooing completed but after receiving my sign-off after 10 years I made the decision to complete my journey.

I contacted Rae and really did not expect the results to be as good as they are, I am so happy with them and finally feel that my journey is complete and this has made me feel like a woman completely again.  I feel sexy and attractive again, I really wish I had contacted Rae earlier to have this done.  She explained everything so well, was extremely professional, made me feel comfortable,  took into account all my concerns,  took her time to ensure I received the best treatment and correct treatment for me.

Thank you Rae I am so grateful.”

Before Medical Tattooing

Following Areola/Nipple Medical Tattooing


How does it work?


Pigments can be used to create an areola from scratch or to enlarge or darken an existing areola. Shading and highlighting can create the ‘illusion of protrusion’ for a 3D nipple. This will be done in a number of sessions building up the colour and detail over time.

In almost all instances of breast cancer where a mastectomy is needed, the nipple and areola will be removed and the reconstructed breast will just be skin colour. A 3D nipple can be added as an extra surgery but is still just skin colour. Nipple areola tattooing offers the final touch of colour and definition after a long journey of surgery, treatment and reconstruction.



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