Rae Denman on regaining confidence with medical tattooing and camouflage

Scarring can come in many different forms, shapes and sizes. The size or area affected is not necessarily in proportion to the effect it has on a person. Sometimes the smallest of scars can have a huge impact on someone’s confidence and ability to get on with life.
Regaining Confidence

Medical Tattooing can help with scarring that is hypo-pigmented. That means it is lighter in colour than the rest of the skin. Hyper-pigmented scarring (darker than the surrounding skin) can sometimes be worked with but this would be dependant upon many factors. A full medical history is always required and a consultation to determine the best course of treatment.
The most important factor to be aware of is that skin needs to be fully healed before any tattooing can be started. There is no point adding colour to an area that is still changing, as scars can do for a long time after a trauma.
Regaining ConfidenceTemporary Camouflage creams are also available for scars that cannot be treated, and if shown how to be applied by a qualified and competent practitioner, the effect can be great. However for very fine, thin, white scars, especially in multiples such as self-harm scarring Camouflage doesn’t work quite so well. This is where Medical Tattooing is preferable and can dilute the visual effect of the scarring considerably. Please be advised that it will never take away the scarring, and it will never look like completely unblemished skin. But, it can lessen the impact considerably.
Scarring from surgery, trauma, burns, pregnancy, stretch marks & self harm can all be treated.
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